TeleAut Productions

The artisans of cinema

We are an independent film production company, we combine quality stories with limited budgets. Our ambition is to revive the Italian cinematographic tradition, which gave the cinema some of the most extraordinary stories ever told. We are always looking for honest, creative and conscious projects and people. Our main goal is the creation of films that move people and raise awareness.

TeleAut was established in March 2002 as street-TV, broadcasting in San Lorenzo district in Rome. In the framework of this experience, various tv programs were produced and broadcast. Since then, from an independent audio-visual cooperative TeleAut has progressed into a small production company, incorporating all the essential professional figures. With this spirit in 2008 he produced the feature film "Ultima Trasmissione". In October 2016 TeleAut turned into a legally recognized company for film and audio-visual production. Our long and varied experience as integral producers has led us to dominate all phases of filmmaking, from the script to post. We dispose of a modern edit room and collaborate with professionals specialized in every sector of industry and located all over the world. We count on valid collaborators in Los Angeles, Berlin, Venice, Rome, Naples, Madrid and Tenerife.

Photos from the set

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