Querido Fidel (2021)

Querido Fidel (2021)

Naples, 1991

Emidio Tagliavini is the son of a Neapolitan emigrant who died in Cuba fighting at Fidel’s side during the revolution. In Castro’s honour, he established a Real Socialism regime in his family, writing to Fidel each month and receiving eager answers from him. Now that the world communism is crumbling, winds of change are blowing also in Emidio’s household. Yet, not withstanding gloom and doom, Fidel and Cuba endure the fall of the Soviet Union and, fifteen years later, the Tavaglini’s family is still dealing with the rationalising of essential goods. Only the wife’s death will make Emidio’s lunacy evident, revealing decades of loving lies.

Technical data sheet

Written and directed by: Viviana Calò

Producers: TeleAut Produzioni, Eskimo, Audioimage

Executive producer: Audioimage

In collaboration with: Agamenon Films


Photography: Emilio Costa

Scenery and costumes: Francesca Garofalo

Original soundtracks: Valerio Virzo, Giacomo Pedicini

Editor: Niccolò Andenna

Sound mix: Marcos Molina




Gianfelice Imparato, Alessandra Borgia, Marco Mario de Notaris, Francesca Imparato, Ninni Bruschetta, Antonella Stefanucci, Valentina Acca, Sonia Scarfato, Inés María Lopez Hernández, Agamenón Quintero.


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